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Peach Avocado Salad

Peach AvocadoSalad w/ My Brother's Peach Tomatillo Salsa

  Fruity, velvety goodness with our sweet and savory Peach Avocado Salad.  Perfect for any summer starter or side...and oooh it makes a delectable breakfast with a spoonful of yogurt!

Zucchini Pancakes w/Tomato butter

Zucchini Pancakes w/Tomato Butter and My Brother's Salsa

Oh how I love these veggie pancakes!  The perfect way to use summer vegetables and can be served as an vegetarian entree with a beautiful fresh salad, or serve as a side with roasted or grilled meats.  For a complete variation - serve them with an asian flare and add a few splashes of soy sauce as... Read More

Pineapple Taco

Pineapple Taco with My Brother's Salsa

Think outside the taco shell and grill up this deliciousness of fresh pineapple and crispy bacon - a definite twist on tacos al pastor!

Roasted Radish w/Cucumber Tomato Vinaigrette

Roasted Radish w/My Brother's Salsa

  If you think you don't like radishes...this is a "must try" for you.  Roasting balances out their peppery pungency with a subtle sweetness and the drizzle of our Vinaigrette adds a fresh finish! Serve them as a appetizer, top them on a salad, or serve as a side dish.

Lettuce Crepes with Cucumber Tomato Vinaigrette

Lettuce Crepes with My Brother's Salsa

    Crisp asparagus spears rolled in a blanket of tender butter lettuce then paired with a creamy cheese & drizzled with our cucumber tomato vinaigrette. This dish definitely will bring a fresh look and taste to your spring menu. 

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin w/My Brother's Salsa

Tender slices of pork filled with sweet cream cheese and earthiness of My Brother's New Mexican Green Chile Salsa.  Adding a little bacon doesn't hurt either!  Deliciousness in every bite.

White Bean Bruschetta

Crostini topped with creamy white beans balanced with fresh tasting cucumber & tomato salsa.  

Steak Chili

Steak Chili with My Brother's Salsa

Savory and deeply seasoned steak chili layered with creamy monterey jack and crisp scallions.  Your men will love it...serve with warm dinner rolls and butter seasoned with a pinch of chili powder!  

Summer Corn & Tomato Tostada

Summer Corn and Tomato Tostada w/My Brother's Salsa

Corn & tomatoes are a perfect pair; like chips and salsa! They make a beautiful combination on this Summer Tostada. Change up the flavor profile by grilling the corn and using My Brother's Fire Roasted Salsa!