servings : 8

For Steak:

1 lb. flank steak or rib eye

My Brother’s Rustic Original Salsa, med or hot

olive oil

Kosher salt

8-10 slider buns, halved horizontally – buttered & toasted

leaf lettuce

red onion, thinly sliced

fresh garnish:  cherry tomato, pickle or olive


My Brother’s Salsa  Blue Cheese Sauce(can also be used for wings)

1 cup Mayo

4 oz. blue cheese (block style not crumbled)

2 Tbls. My Brother’s Rustic Original Hot 


Brush steak with olive oil and My Brother’s Rustic Original Salsa. Generously season with salt.  Let stand at room temp for 30 min.  Cook on medium hot grill to desired doneness.  Cover with foil, let rest 10 min.  Slice diagonally thin slices. On toasted bun layer lettuce, steak, Blue Cheese Sauce, onion.  Garnish.  Serve immediately.

Blue Cheese Sauce:  In small mixing bowl blend togther blue cheese, My Brother's Rustic Original Salsa, mayo.  Refrigerate until ready to use.