servings : 6

One 2-3lb. pork tenderloin

8 oz. cream cheese


bacon slices  6-8 

My Brother's New Mexican Green Chile Salsa (or Fire Roasted Salsa)

Sour cream (option to combine 2 parts My Brother's New Mexican Green Chile Salsa to 1 part sour cream to serve alongside your tenderloin)

scallions, chopped for garnish



Flatten the two sections of the tenderloin and season with salt/pepper. Slice cream cheese into strips and lay onto one of the flattened pieces.Drizzle with 1/3 cup My Brother's New Mexican Green Chile (you can also add in some chopped green chiles - if using canned be sure to drain)   Wrap in bacon and secure with kitchen string or toothpicks. Wrap in foil. Grill over med/hot grill for about 30-40 min. until internal temp reaches about 135*.  Carefully remove foil and put tenderloin back on the grill to char outside edges.  Remove from heat, cover with foil and let rest 10 minutes before slicing (be sure to remove string/toothpics)  Serve with additional My Brother's Green Chile Salsa & Sauce. Garnish with scallions.